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As a technology company we provide our business partners with the software to book your travel venues. We are doing what we can to help them and us through this very difficult time. Because of COVID-19, 90% of these Travel Industry partners are going out of business. Transportation, Tour guides, Travel Agents and Independent hotels, etc... need your help to keep providing service. Be part of our mission to help these business partners!


Our purpose

Your support will go to our employees and small business partners, they provide jobs and service to you, every time you book your travel venues online or personally. We are a technology company that provide these companies the software for you to book your travel venues and we are doing what we can to help them and us through this very tough time. Because COVID-19 Government Mandatory, 90% of these Travel Industry partners are going out of business. Transportation, Tour guides, Travel Agents and Independent hotels, etc… need your help to keep providing jobs and service. Be part of our mission to help these people!!

Our Mission

We started our business to help the transportation regulated industry, small, medium and large companies fight back the Uber and Lyft disruptive businesses. These rideshare business are a good idea; however, they are unfair competition in many cities and countries, in some countries they are considered illegal business, because they do not contribute to the city nor pay any license to operate and pay continuing education for safety drivers behaviors, forcing regulated companies and family own business to close their businesses and now this COVID-19 is the sherry on top for small and large family own businesses.

Solution for our local tour’s operators and transportation companies.

We knew that technology was a big problem because most the transportation industry had been in business for more than 30 years and some more than 100th years providing jobs with benefits and supporting the community and before the Ubers of the world, technology was not a priority. The reason was because technology is difficult to understand and very expensive to maintain it was not a priority for these companies privately owned.

Our Vision

So we decided to build an affordable platform to help not only create jobs, also to help these companies and for us to help, we needed to hire engineers with a vision to helping others and not just work for a high salary, however this is not only the problem now, we have COVID-19 and most of these small business are going out of business because government mandated due to COVID-19 and been negatively impacted, and our help to them to keep their employees and business to provide tours and transportation to us as customers and provide jobs are no longer there and we can no longer help them too. We need your help, and more important you and other travelers need your help to help these employees and businesses, because you are also a customer from one of these companies…

The Mission

Travel Agencies, Tours operators, Event Planners, Tours Guides and Technology companies are an important part of our country and our workforce, whenever we feel calling or going online to book travel, there is someone behind a phone, computer, vehicles or theme park providing us services whether you want to travel short or long distance, business or leisure trips to go anywhere, be it day or night 24 hours they are ready to make our way to our destination, now we have to be ready for them in this difficult time.

Rezglo collaborator care fund, will help thousands of travel businesses that have stopped their work due to COVID-19 virus crisis, travel professional family’s now have hard time to survive we are Rezglo USA small technology company creating a campaign for all those who needed our support. We have announced immediate monetary relief through the Rezglo Care Fund, with all our support for our Drivers and Travel Industry partners, we will have an agreement to:

  • For Travel companies and transportation driver's family will get a grant to meet their essential needs.
  • We will provide Marketing training.
  • We will provide Technology Free for their businesses as financial help can reach.
  • This will be an outright grant that they won’t have to repay.

Your Small help is big Support

Need to understand that we will create a financial audit to distribute to have correct financial allocation and will see case by case after proving COVID-19 have affected your business. Need to be part of Rezglo network and prove for promote to your customer for travel venues in the next year. Minimum assistant of 2 times a month for Rezglo or Rezglo Partners webinars.

Here’s how you can support

We invite you to contribute to this crowdfunding and help the ones who are always available for you. Your contributions will go a long way in providing additional support to drivers, business owner and other travel related business.

We are not a nonprofit organization, and this is a for profit company, however, we will disclose the disbursement progress of the fund in a transparency report. This will be shared with all contributors at the end of the campaign, along with regular updates to donors on the website.

Even as we all stay apart, let’s come together to help the driver Community Support Rezglo, support Rezglo Drivers.

Travel Businesses

Distribution Disclosure and transparency.

With your support, this is how many jobs your contribution will create and maintain. Just Think about that collectively 100% of your support will create jobs and maintain Small Businesses worldwide.

  • 65% Will go to helping our partners, these are the travel professionals that provide you service when you travel. Your support will not only help them; will support their families too.
  • 18% Will go to Marketing expenses, this is the way reach out to you and others through third party platforms like CustomInk.
  • 17% Will go to operations, these are the people that work hard to maintain our team supporting this mission to continue helping these companies.


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Other ways you can help

1 Help us spread the word! Use this link to share on social media and email:


2 When you Download our app and request service from these companies while creating jobs and supporting the entire travel industry.

3 Support the travel industry, even if you are not traveling your help will be much appreciated. Get involved!

Help us author a chapter helping small businesses create jobs and service to our economy.

Thank you so much for all your support. We would not be able to complete this project without it!



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